Being a solo artist was my original dream, but when I went into SM Entertainment and debuted with SHINee, I was relieved to have people beside me who could fill the aspects I lacked and push me on. But I always thought I would get to do it one day. There was a time I vaguely talked about a solo debut with SM Entertainment’s performance director, Jaewon hyung. I asked him, “What do you think?” and he told me, “If you work hard and do well, do you think the company would just leave you alone?” Since then, I’ve quietly worked hard.” - lee taemin dazed and confused

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22/ gifs of krystal ships 
  → myungstal: awkward myungstal babies at my lovely girl press conference

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ColorMeme」Taemin x Cyan/ Pink

140913 Key instagram update

bumkeyk: little pink frog freak

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[Trans] Key instagram update - 140912 (3P)



밖에서 차기다리는중에 매니져형 멘붕오게 갑자기 숨어보자고 한 우리 . 매니져형 지금 전화오고 난리났음 안받는중

We decided to play hide and seek (with manager hyung) in the midst of waiting for him outside which caused him mental breakdown . Manager hyung is calling me in a frantic state and I’m not picking up 


생중계중 이태민 합세 일본매니져까지 총동원해서 우리찾는중

Live update Lee Taemin joined us, now even Japanese managers all are mobilized to find us


상황이 심각해질거 같아서 그만하기로 하고 마무리는 세명다 천연덕 스럽게 차에 올라탔다 아무일도 없었다는 듯이 . 매니져형들은 안도의 한숨을 내쉰다 불금이라 잠수탄줄 알았나보다

As the situation seem to turn serious we decided to stop and the 3 of us just got into the car and naturally as possible pretending like nothing happened . Manager hyungs all heave a sigh of relief I understood because it was like diving into pits of fire

Credit: Bumkeyk

Translation credit: Forever_SHINee [5]



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Title: WINNER (MINO's solo )걔 세 I'm Him

Artist: WINNER

Played: 37007 times

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